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An easily accessible, global marketplace for private capital, enabled by a new and globally consistent standard of due diligence, whilst partnering with and assisting local brokers and capital providers.

What is Unimo?

  • Unimo is an Anglo – Swiss business incorporated in Switzerland to support those private enterprises, causes and projects that will help build a Better World and those wanting to fund them. We focus on transparency, clear communication and delivering results, for all.
  • Unimo connects the people interested in investing in the ideas of tomorrow, those with a net positive impact on the planet, and the people managing such companies and projects, through a membership driven Network.
  • We introduce Funders to Opportunities and Opportunities to Funders. We use local independent brokers or VCs to undertake the transactions, to make best use of their local knowledge, regulatory compliance and their existing client base, to be augmented by Unimo’s.
  • We are not a broker, or a fund, or a VC, or an investor. We are an independent network connecting people. We do not charge success fess. We introduce our members to funding opportunities in a safe environment based on their instructions. 

Our Business Model

A business working at a premium level

Unimo has developed its business to avoid the current pain points of investment platforms. Nobody else currently offers the global reach of Unimo.

  • “Know Your Client” checks performed on all clients.
  • Due Diligence procedures run on all companies before they get onboard.
  • Use of external brokers and VCs to close the deals based on local regulations, providing global coverage.
  • Ensured independence. We are not selling funding projects, but enabling connections.
  • Planned presence in 50 major financial cities globally, to be closer to the local community.

How it works


Preparation And Deal Documents


Company Chooses Its Preferred Broker / VC

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Unimo's Investors Are Sent Deal Summary


Unimo Connects Investors With Broker


Transaction Completed

Kent Moerk


"We aim to build a major business, a major brand, disrupting the private funding industry, acting as a consolidator to make the market more efficient"

Unimo Focus Areas

Sector / Industry

Geographical Area

Deal Type / Size

Minimum Investment

Unimo Benefits




- Costly and time consuming process

- Broker choice can be sub optimal

- Inexperienced in fund raising

Unimo connects you with relevant Brokers and global Investors

  • Electronic Data Room for Documents
  • Review by Unimo Deal Facilitation Team
  • Introduction to relevant Brokers or VCs
  • Access to interested Unimo Investors
  • Improve funding outcome

Brokers & VCs



- Fragmented and inefficient process

- Inconsistent Due Diligence

- Limited access to active Investors

Unimo introduces you to private Companies and global Investors

  • Increased qualified business leads
  • Detailed on-boarding checks
  • Reviewed Electronic Data Room
  • Access to Unimo Deal Facilitation Team
  • Faster deal closure




- Limited overview of opportunities

- Deal flow unmatched to your interests

- Uncertain Due Diligence process

Unimo provides you with relevant private investment opportunities

  • Detailed on-boarding checks
  • Filtered investment opportunities
  • Only you authorise your involvement
  • List of reviewed Company documents
  • Membership fee only
  • No additional success fees

Why Join Us?

The private investment market should be a global market, but today typically operates locally because of diverse country laws and regulations and therefore, lacks scale and efficiency.


Unimo’s mission is to create a transparent, easily accessible private funding global market place, using as partners the existing expertise of local brokers and institutions.


Unimo’s unique platform will achieve higher investment volumes into private companies, reduce transaction costs and increase transaction speed. Unimo will also accelerate the commercialisation of innovative technologies, stimulate sustainable economic development and enhance the planet’s life quality.



To create the world’s largest private investment network, Unimo uniquely combines:


  1. Independence as an introducer; Unimo is not a broker, or an investor, or an investment advisor.
  2. Global technology platform to create efficiency scale, and access.
  3. Common global approach standardising the investment process, wherever our members are.
  4. Due diligence model providing validated, comparable and unbiased data.
  5. Local offices in key markets delivering a global service combined with locally accessible expertise.
  6. Transparency in a secure environment with standards based on those of public markets.
  7. Selected companies with a net positive impact on the planet.
  8. Filtered opportunities based on each member’s personal preferences.
  9. Unique investment and philanthropy platform in the same place.
  10. High ethical standards and individual privacy.

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