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Benefits For Your Company


  • Detailed on-boarding checks on Brokers / VCs and Investors
  • Assembly of the Due Diligence Documentation
  • Trusted third party secure Electronic Data Room
  • Unimo reviews the Deal Documents
  • In short, we help to get you investment-ready
  • Facilitates connection to relevant Brokers and VCs
  • Electronic Data Room access to your selected Broker or VC
  • Access to Unimo interested Investors worldwide
  • Increased certainty of funding

Process for companies




Deal Documents


Broker Selection


Unimo Investor Contact


Transaction Completed


Access To Unimo Network


Investment Readiness Fee - 0.6% (Prior To Due Diligence)


Introduction Fee to Brokers and / or VCs - 
0.4% (Signature of contract with Broker and / or VC)


Introduction Fee to Unimo Investors - 0.2% (Notification of interested Investors to Broker)


(All percentage fees calculated on amounts of proposed fundraising at each time)


All fees subject to VAT / Sales Tax as applicable in the corresponding jurisdiction

Unimo Group SA - Company Standard Contract

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